Defense medical exams in personal injury cases

In a personal injury case, the defense has the right to ask for you to submit to a physical medical exam. The Court will allow it if the defense shows that there is good cause for it. The exams are not for your medical treatment. The whole point of the exam is to rebut your […]

Insurance and personal injury lawsuits

In Louisiana, every driver must have insurance. The law helps protect people who are victims of car crashes. As you can imagine, car insurance plays a big part in personal injury lawsuits and personal injury settlements. This article will tell you about a few important types of insurance. Mandatory insurance In Louisiana, every car must […]

Where to file your personal injury lawsuit

If you are hurt and the person who hurt you refuses to make it right, you may have to file a lawsuit. It is not enough to know where “the courthouse” is. You have to know where the right courthouse is. The right courthouse is known as the “venue.” The venue for your personal injury […]

What happens if I decide to file a lawsuit?

When potential clients contact us with a potential legal issue, we help guide them and give them all of their options. Filing a lawsuit should never be taken lightly. However, if someone has injured you or impaired your rights, filing a lawsuit may be the only chance to make you whole again or hold a […]

Trucking Lawsuits Help Families Recover

Trucking lawsuits can help families recover after tragedy. Serious injuries can happen in any wreck. But those with 18-wheelers and other trucks are more likely to be serious. Most deaths in large truck crashes are people riding in passenger vehicles. (e.g., smaller cars with families, and regular folks in them). These people are in danger […]

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

Camp Lejeune is a Marine Corps base in Jacksonville, North Carolina, established in 1942. The base and surrounding community have a population of approximately 150,000 people. Water Contamination at Camp Lejeune In 1982, the Marine Corps tested drinking water at Camp Lejeune and discovered that two water treatment plants located on the base were contaminated […]

Should you hire a personal injury attorney?

“Personal injury” covers all injuries to the mind or body that are caused by the negligence or recklessness of someone else. They can ruin your life. People who are hurt and suffer personal injuries can file a claim against the person or business who hurt them (or their insurance company) to restore what was lost […]

I was hurt at work, can I file a lawsuit?

Getting hurt at work can be devastating. Unfortunately, lots of people are hurt or killed at work each year. In Louisiana, hurt or killed workers can file a workers’ compensation claim if their injury arises out of and in the course of employment. Workers’ Comp May Not Provide Full Recovery Unless your employer or co-worker […]

AFFF Government Contractor Defense

Aqueous Film Forming Foams (“AFFF”) are used to extinguish petroleum-based fuel and other flammable liquid fires. The AFFF litigation involves injuries sustained as a result of exposure to AFFF containing fluorocarbon molecules. Fluorocarbon molecules contain or may break down into PFAS and PFOS. PFAS and PFOS are “forever chemicals” that never leave the body and […]

Bicycle Accidents In Louisiana

Bicycle accidents increase as bicycle riding increases. Gas is $4.42/ gallon and prices keep climbing. They show no signs of stopping. Instead of driving to work, you might think about riding your bike. Saving money on gas, fresh air, and exercise are great benefits. But there are risks that come with riding a bicycle on […]

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