Road debris, whether flying or stationary, can cause very serious and sometimes fatal accidents. Liability in accidents involving road debris depends on the circumstances in your case, and under some circumstances road debris injuries can give rise to a defective roadway claim. Although these types of claims can be very challenging, it is possible to recover full and fair compensation for your injuries. The New Orleans car accident attorneys of Stag Liuzza, LLC, can help.

Defective Roadway

Debris in the road can be considered a roadway defect if the debris was not removed in a timely fashion or if the initial reason for the debris was faulty road design construction or maintenance.

For instance, if a sign post falls into the road or into your car because it was not erected or maintained properly, that may be considered a roadway defect. If another driver had hit the sign post, knocking it into your car, the other driver would be responsible. But, if another driver knocked the post into the road and you run over it much later, after cleanup crews knew or should have known and failed to remove it from the roadway, then it may be deemed a roadway defect.

And, while drivers are expected to use reasonable caution, be on the lookout for obstacles in the road and avoid hitting them whenever possible, inadequate lighting is another roadway defect that can lead to accidents including drivers hitting road debris.

Types of Road Debris in Defective Roadway Claims

Examples of the types of road debris leading to defective roadway claims include:

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