The 2014 West Virginia water crisis led to a class action lawsuit and an investigation of West Virginia American Water by the Public Service Commission. The case has now settled. If you were impacted, you may be entitled to compensation.

What you need to know about the $151 million water crisis settlement:

>The class includes 244,000 people and 8,000 businesses.

>The settlement compensates for damages caused by contamination of the water supply following a chemical spill.

>Households receive $525 for the first resident and $170 for each additional resident through the simple payment option. Residents can apply for an amount without any limit in compensation for related damages provided the loss is documented.

>Women who were pregnant at the time of the water crisis can receive an additional payment of $1,500.

>Businesses ordered to shut down can elect the simple payment option to receive between $6,250 and $25,000 depending on their revenue.

>Hotels can elect the simple payment option to receive $40,000.

>Businesses with losses greater than the amounts provided by the simple payment option can choose to file an individual review form with documentation of their losses.

>Hourly wage earners who lost income can apply for compensation for their lost wages.


You must file a claim for to receive compensation from the settlement. After the settlement is approved by the judge, claim forms will be available online at or by calling 1-855-829-8121.

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