So far, about 2,400 lawsuits have been filed against Johnson and Johnson (J&J) accusing the company of failing to warn consumers about the risk of developing ovarian cancer when using baby powder and other talcum powder products for feminine hygiene. Most of the lawsuits are still pending but there have already been some big wins for women and their families.

Failure to Warn

For decades, women have been using baby powder, and other talcum powder products such as Shower to Shower, as a feminine hygiene product to reduce moisture and odor and prevent chaffing.

Studies showing a link between talcum powder and ovarian cancer go back at least 40 years. There are more than 20 studies. In a 1971 study, researchers found talc inside ovarian tumor tissues.

Yet, J&J chose not to include a warning on its talc products.

$110 Million Verdict

On May 4, 2017, a state court in St. Louis awarded $110.5 million to Lois Slemp, a woman who developed ovarian cancer after decades of using talcum powder products for feminine hygiene, including Shower to Shower. The cancer eventually spread to her liver. J&J was ordered to pay $5.4 million in compensation and another $105 million in punitive damages. Imerys Talc, the company that manufactured the talc, was found to be 1% at fault and was ordered to pay $50,000.

St. Louis juries have awarded a combined $197 million to talcum powder ovarian cancer victims and their families in three previous trials.

If you or someone you love has developed ovarian cancer after using J&J talcum powder products for feminine hygiene, the defective drug and medical device attorneys of Stag Liuzza can help. Please call us at 504-593-9600 or contact us online today.

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