When the FDA or a company realizes that a product may be unsafe to consumers, it may issue a voluntary recall. Recalls, withdrawals and safety alerts may be found on the FDA’s website.

Below are some recently recalled products:

Recent Food or Beverage Recalls:

Brie and Camembert soft cheese manufactured by Old Europe Cheese: The manufacturer issued a voluntary recall of the cheese after it was linked to several listeria infections.  The cheese is sold at various retailers under multiple labels and brands. The full list of recalled products and stores that potentially sold the products can be found here.

Tuscan Garden Salad Dressing: Treehouse Food issued a voluntary recall of its Restaurant Style Italian Dressing. The bottles may actually contain a different type of dressing which contains the allergens soy and wheat. The recalled dressing was sold at Aldi grocery stores between August 23, 2022 and September 23, 2022.

Whole Foods Organic Creamy Caesar Dressing: The manufacturer issued a voluntary recall of certain lots because they were packaged with the wrong label. The wrong label does not include the correct ingredients. The labels do not disclose the presence of soy and wheat. The affected products have a use by date of September 21, 2022 through June 23, 2023.

Dark Chocolate Almonds: Moymer Distribution issued a voluntary recall for dark chocolate almonds sold in Oregon and Washington. The almonds may contain undeclared milk. Products were sold in the produce section at Safeway/Albertsons and Roth’s Fresh Market.

Recent Product Recalls:

Over the Counter Medical Products Sold at Family Dollar: Family Dollar issued a voluntary recall of certain medical products. The products include contact solution, denture cleaner, birth control devices, and other first aid devices. The products are being recalled because they were stored outside of labeled temperature requirements. A full list of recalled products can be found here.

If you think you think you have a drug, food, or product that has been recalled, contact the FDA. Follow the FDA’s directions on what to do with the product. If the recalled product is a drug or medical device, consult your medical provider immediately to determine how to proceed.

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