Clients often ask their lawyers, “How much money can I receive for my injury?” This depends on several factors. Lawyers consider the severity of their client’s injuries and what juries have awarded in other cases for similar injuries. Additionally, lawyers may consider the following factors:

This article briefly summarizes how lawyers get large jury verdicts and provides examples.

Skilled Trial Work

Juries award large dollar verdicts when they feel it is the right thing to do. Usually, juries award millions of dollars when the plaintiff proves the defendant recklessly caused serious life-changing injuries. Trial lawyers must have many skills to succeed. Experienced trial lawyers not only know how to gather all available evidence but also present it in a compelling way to the jury. They tell their client’s story. This requires cross examination skills and an understanding of human psychology, especially in the field of decision making.

Large Dollar Verdicts in New Orleans

Three examples of high-profile cases that resulted in large jury verdicts in New Orleans include:

Although the above list shows some high jury verdicts in New Orleans, the list is not exhaustive. The amount of a jury verdict can vary widely. Moreover, many cases are settled for substantial amounts without the need for a jury trial. Experienced trial lawyers know how to present their cases to maximize settlement and jury verdicts. Therefore, if you have a severe injury case, we recommend hiring a skilled and experienced lawyer with a proven track record.

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