American civil courts hold parties and their insurers responsible for the torts, wrongful or negligent acts, which they commit. How do you benefit from a fair tort system? Here are three ways:

1. YOU ARE SAFER. A fair tort system holds negligent parties responsible and deters future negligence. This can deter unsafe driving, medical treatment, work place conditions and product manufacturing.

2. YOU SAVE MONEY. A fair tort system holds negligent actors responsible for the damages they cause. This prevents the costs from being shifted onto the victim or tax payer supported programs. For example, without a fair tort system, injured persons are forced to turn to tax payer supported medical programs for treatment. Instead of the responsible party paying for the injuries he/she caused, without a fair tort system, taxpayers pay.

3. YOU LIVE IN A BETTER COMMUNITY. A fair tort system resolves disputes and promotes justice and peace in a community. In contrast, systems which limit rights or deny access to redress wrongs lead to corrupt communities and societies.

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