Hernia mesh complications can be serious or even fatal. Defective hernia mesh is very difficult to remove. Multiple surgeries may be required, and even then, it is not always possible to remove all of the pieces. Pain, from hernia mesh complications can be lifelong, and injuries such as organ damage, can be permanent.

Why Hernia Mesh is Used

A hernia is a hole or weak spot in the muscle wall or other tissue. It allows organs or other internal tissue to bulge through. Some types of hernias can be life-threatening. Hernia mesh is used in hernia repair surgery to add strength to the weak area where the repair is made.

Hernia Mesh Complications

Hernia mesh complications are too common. Up to 20% of hernia repair patients suffer with chronic pain after their procedure.

Hernia mesh complications can include:

If you have been armed by defective hernia mesh, or if you have lost a loved one to hernia mesh complications, you may be able to recover substantial compensation. Hernia mesh complications can cause life-long pain and other debilitating injuries. Our defective medical device attorneys are here to help.

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