Toxic tort refers to the type of case you have when you have been harmed by exposure to a toxin, whether that toxin was a chemical, mineral, heavy metal, mold, radioactive material or another type of substance. Depending on the circumstances, you may have an individual claim or a class action. Class actions are common in toxic torts because it is typical for many people to be affected. For example, a group of employees may pursue a class action as a result of asbestos exposure at work. Toxic torts are complex cases and require the unique expertise of an experienced toxic tort attorney.

Causation and Expert Testimony

The toughest part of winning a toxic tort lawsuit is usually proving causation. You have to prove that you were exposed to the toxic substance and that your illness was caused by that exposure. And, you have to go far beyond simple common sense to prove it.

Expert testimony plays a large role. Medical experts, scientists and other types of experts may contribute, and you can be sure that when you are fighting a large corporation, it will have persuasive experts in its corner. As experienced toxic tort attorneys, we regularly work with experts who can testify on these issues. If we represent you in a toxic tort lawsuit, we will work with the experts required to prove your case.

Proving causation is often complicated by the fact that the illnesses caused by toxic exposure can take years or decades to develop to the point that they show symptoms or are diagnosed. When there is a group of people who were exposed in the same way that you were and later become ill as well, the existence of that group can help you prove causation.

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