Stag Liuzza, LLC is representing the Estill County Fiscal Court in a lawsuit against Cory Hoskins, BES services, Advanced TENORM services and Advanced Disposal for disposing of radioactive waste in the Blue Ridge Landfill, breaching the terms of their contract. Estill County leaders say they are confident no more radioactive waste will be dumped at a landfill in the community. The involved parties agreed to file a preliminary injunction to not allow radioactive waste to be dumped in Blue Ridge Landfill. The four parties, Cory Hoskins, BES services, Advanced TENORM services and Advanced Disposal, which operates the landfill, agreed Wednesday night to the orders. This agreement is to ensure no more dumping of illegal waste takes place. The order says they have to comply or could get fined or face other penalties. “Essentially this is them acknowledging that they’re not supposed to be bringing radioactive waste into the county anyway,” said attorney Ashley Liuzza. Estill County’s judge executive is confident these parties are no longer dumping TENORM, enhanced radioactive material. “I feel like they think we are watching them like twenty-four seven. They’ve brought in danger for our people: our students, our community, numerous communities up and down the road over a few extra dollars,” said Estill County Judge Executive Wallace Taylor. The county’s attorneys say this temporary injunction prevents anyone from questioning the foundation of previous county ordinances set in place.

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