How can a Louisiana environmental lawyer be of assistance to offshore workers and property owners in Acme, Louisiana?

Acme, Louisiana residents and the thriving chemical and oil industries, along with the industrial manufacturing facilities in the region have a love /hate relationship, as they each benefit from the rich and plentiful resources under the ground and at the water’s edge, but at great costs to residents and landowners.  An oil and gas land contamination law firm servicing Acme, Louisiana focusing on environmental law is instrumental in business matters between parties that mutually benefit from Louisiana’s natural resources.

Toxic exposure in Acme, Louisiana. 

Louisiana families depend on the industrial jobs provided by chemical and oil companies, despite the dangerous daily risk of injury and death.  Rigs, chemical plants, and refineries are known to be extremely volatile working environments, especially when safety regulations are not adhered to by the employers.  The impacts to workers, families, and communities can be catastrophic when accidents result in:

A toxic exposure attorney at  Stag Liuzza can help when individuals become ill, or injured due to any at a Acme, Louisiana chemical plant, on a rig, or while working for an oil and gas company.

Mineral rights in Acme, Louisiana.

Louisiana laws on mineral rights are different from most states, because when a landowner sells their property, they can maintain ownership of the minerals beneath  the property for a period of time.  Louisiana Mineral Code governs the ownership and extraction of minerals found, including gas, soil, gravel shells, water sources and oil.  A resource is not owned until it is extracted and an owner is in physical control of it.  Mineral servitude in Acme, Louisiana is the owner’s right to search and extract resources, or lease that right to another. This may be a complicated matter necessitating the assistance of legal counsel for:

If a landowner is not informed regarding the value of property, or natural resource rights, they can be taken advantage of by oil and gas companies who want the rights to the valuable resources on, or beneath a property. An experienced oil and gas land contamination attorney with Stag Liuzza servicing Acme, Louisiana.can help if you have been taken advantage of by an oil and gas operator or they have damaged your property.

Oil rig dangers.

A floater platform rig is a type of offshore oil rig platform. Some of the largest movable man-made structures in the world are these lake and sea-based oil platforms and oil rigs. A floater oil platform houses the workers and machinery needed to drill and produce oil and natural gas extracted from beneath the ocean floor. These floating production systems are used in water depths from 600 to 6,000 feet. They are among the most common types of offshore rigs found in the Gulf of Mexico. The very nature of extracting volatile substances that are sometimes under extreme pressure in a hostile environment has risks leading to frequent accidents.  Workers risk falling from dangerous heights in severe weather, and being caught in, or hit by machinery. Floater platform rig crew members work long stressful hours, which can contribute to fatigue and judgment error.  Working with oil and natural gas in Acme, Louisiana is inherently dangerous due to the combustible and volatile nature of these compounds. Since the wellheads of floater platform rigs are located on the sea floor rather than a surface platform, as on fixed-platform rigs, extra care must be taken by the rig operators to avoid leaks. Fires and explosions happen and poisonous gases can be released.

Contaminant cleanup, prevention, and mitigation in Acme, Louisiana.

Toxic spills and leaks in Acme, Louisiana. can happen and some are the result of negligence, while some are unavoidable. There are necessary laws outlining requirements for the responsible party and the cleanup team to ensure that contamination is limited and controlled, and then removed from an environment to avoid longer-term or large-scale damage. Regulations can also include liability, response, determine the process of investigation, monitoring before, during and after cleanup, and the risk assessment of long-term effects. Experienced oil field waste attorneys in Acme, Louisiana. know how to manage pre and post-cleanup activities.

Land de-valuation in Acme, Louisiana.

Louisiana landowners have a basic understanding of  mineral interests, rights and royalties and their influence on assessed land values, specifically property located in areas that have potential oil and gas reserves.  Catastrophic accidents including rig explosions, chemical exposures and oil spills can damage properties and de-value the land making it a liability for the landowner and their heirs

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